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Our message

Providing the highest standards in accordance with work requirements and searching for all the distinguished equipment and equipment 

We are

Provide our services in crowd management, holding events and exhibitions, and organizing them with the highest levels of professionalism and distinguished services 

Our vision

 Create a level of excellence in the field of event management and holding exhibitions and conferences in line with Vision 2030.

Our services

 We offer you a package of distinctive and unique services


Providing popular and singing bands

We provide various types of folk and singing groups for all occasions, with more than five bands performing in all popular colors, in addition to a number of popular bands from a number of Arab countries.

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Accompanying events

We have a distinguished team that develops and implements activities accompanying all events, whether through playing bands, calligraphers, face painting, or accompanying studios, in addition to creating many artistic and intellectual additions to the site.

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Preparing events

Distinctive teams from a team that studies the events and develops them with ideas that add the distinctive quality of the event and creates many paragraphs and sections that achieve the goal of the event, as we start from the idea to implementation.


Children's activities and entertainment games

We provide all games suitable for children and adults in a variety of different forms to hold various entertainment events and in all games and categories, while providing an appropriate operating and technical staff to supervise their implementation.

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Printing and designs 

We provide printing, implementation and installation of all types of prints and distinctive designs related to effectiveness, with high quality, competitive prices and a distinctive duration.


European tents and exhibition halls

We provide all types of European and Arab tents for all needs, in different sizes and shapes to suit all needs or events

Image by Daniel Lincoln

filming and editing

We provide high-quality photography and editing services for all types of photography and with a full number of distinguished artistic crews


Exhibition and event equipment

At Liqaa, we provide all exhibition and conference equipment with high quality and professionalism in implementation, including display screens, audio, stage preparation, lighting, event and exhibition tents of various spaces and equipment, and the design and implementation of booths with a crew of more than 30 people, including workers and supervisors.


Developed photobooth

We commemorate occasions and events of all kinds in a professional manner, whether from regular photobooths by printing photos and memories, as well as advanced 360-degree photobooths or mirror photobooths and other forms.

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Organizers and hospitality

We provide individuals, including organizers and hospitality service providers for all types of events, with a number exceeding 100 organizers of both genders, in addition to all hospitality crews of various types.



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Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Fahd Road


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